# How to Configure Mini Store

A mini store keeps all information about a seller that is available to customers on the storefront. All seller's products can be found in the mini store on the storefront.

To access mini store settings:

  1. In the administration panel, go to Sellers → Sellers. Sellers tab
  2. On the next page, click the name of the seller to open the mini store editing page. Name of the seller

Click the gear button near the name of the store to look through your products, orders, and users.

# General Tab

On the General tab:

  • change the name of the store, the type of products you sell, email, phone number, and website address;
  • add the postal address;
  • check sole proprietor or legal entity data. General tab

# Add-ons Tab

On the Add-ons tab, you can change the SEO-name of the store page. This value is displayed at the address bar when customers visit your mini store page. Add-ons tab

# Description Tab

On the Description tab, enter the description of your store. Description tab

# Logos Tab

On the Logos tab, click one of the buttons to upload a store logo for the storefront and invoices. Enter the alternative text under the logo. The alternative text is displayed when a picture cannot be loaded. Logos tab

# Plan Tab

On the Plan tab, you can reread the terms of the plan you selected.

# Reviews Tab

On the Reviews tab, you can see all reviews about your store. Reviews tab

# Business Hours Tab

On the Business hours tab, indicate the timezone and business hours, so that csutomers always know when to call you or come to pick-up orders. In the "I'll be back from vacation" field, indicate the date when the store will start working again after your return from vacation. When you return from vacation, remove the date from this field. Business hours tab

According to Russian laws, you shall indicate business hours of your store. So, first time you login to the seller administration panel, you will have to enter business hours of your store to proceed.

At the right part of the page, you can view store contents and statistics. Store contents and statistics