# Product Placement Requirements

# Product Name Requirements

  • The length of the name must not exceed 270 symbols.
  • The name must have the following pattern: type of the product + brand + model + important features.
  • The content and its order must be unified within product category for purposes of comparison.
  • The name of the product must be correct, without errors or misspellings.
  • The name of the product must not contain: a price, words like "promotion", "sale", "discount", "today only", etc., words like "replica", "clone", "copy", etc., transliterated words, words written in capital letters and specials.
  • It is allowed to use transliterated words and words written in capital letters in case they are a part of the brand/product name.

# Product Description Requirements

  • Description length must be between 800 and 1200 symbols ignoring spaces.
  • The style of the text is informational and journalistic. Information is presented in a neutral manner, without metaphors and appeals to emotions.
  • The product description must contain only true and correct information.
  • The product description must not contain: strong language, overcomplications, comparisons with products of other sellers, manuals, service descriptions, words like "replica", "clone", "copy", etc., links to external websites including the site of a manufacturer.

# Product Image Requirements

  • No more than 5 images per product.
  • Product variations can have their own images.
  • Images must not have external links.

# Feature Requirements

Features are specified on the product editing page on the Features tab. A product must have the following features specified:

  • Brand.
  • Country of manufacture/manufacturer.
  • Height, width, length of a package.
  • Gross weight.

# Product types

Products in the CDEK.Market catalog have two types: single products and products with variations

  • Single products—products without variations that have only one set of features.
  • Products with variations—products that have various features. For example, t-shirts that have various colours and sizes.