# CDEK.Market Seller Registration Procedure

Registration process takes 4 steps. Step 1. Read CDEK.Market Service Policies Step 2. Sign Delivery Service Contract Step 3. Create a Seller account on CDEK.Market Step 4. Sign CDEK.Market Service Contract

# Step 1. Read CDEK.Market Service Policies

Before you begin registration, please, familiarize yourself with our Service Policies:

If you have any questions about our terms and policies, or if you would like to know more about store requirements, please contact our technical support team through this email: help@cdek.market.

# Step 2. Sign Delivery Service Contract

You can sign Delivery Service Contract in any CDEK office. This contract has an "ИМ" prefix.

  1. Please read the draft of a standard form contract for online stores on CDEK website. There you can also learn more about other terms of service.
  2. Download and fill in the form. The link is available at the same page.
  3. After you’ve filled in the form, please contact a CDEK manager at your location or leave an application at http://dogovor.cdek.ru/.
  4. After reviewing the application, a contract will be sent to your email, which you need to familiarize yourself with, print and sign, then scan and send it to the CDEK manager.
  5. After receiving your copy of the contract, you can start using the CDEK delivery services when creating shipments on CDEK.Market.

You do not have to complete the steps one at a time. While an application for the provision of delivery services is being processed, you can register on CDEK.Market and receive both contracts at the same time.

# Step 3. Create a Seller account on CDEK.Market

  1. Go to the CDEK.Market website and click the "Become a seller" button in the top menu of the marketplace. Become a seller button
  2. On the next page, read the terms and click Select under the plan Start. Next, sign in with already existing account or register a new one.
  3. In this example we register a new account. Click Create a new account. Enter email and come up with a password. Don’t forget to tick the consent to the processing of your personal data.
  4. After registering as a user, you will be able to proceed registering as a seller.

In order to complete your registration, make sure you have access to the sole proprietor (individual entrepreneur) bank account or the bank account of the legal entity. Without the status of individual entrepreneur or other legal entity you won’t be able to register as a seller.

  1. On the seller’s registration page, read and accept the terms of the Agreement, then provide all the necessary information. The name and description of your store will be displayed on the storefront after registration is completed. Then tick the consent to the processing of your personal data and click Submit.
  2. After that, you’ll receive an email that contains a full list of data you provided and a link to access the administrator panel (the control panel of your store). We recommend that you check the data thoroughly, and if you find any mistakes, contact us via sales@cdek.market. An email containing a link to access the admin panel
  3. Click the link and enter your email and password on the login page, after that you will be taken to the admin panel, where you can start setting up your store and adding products. Login page

First of all, we recommend that you configure and enable at least one delivery method (the delivery methods "Find out the cost of delivery from the seller" and "Pickup" are not taken into account), without this the goods will not be displayed on the storefront. You can learn more about configuring delivery methods in the corresponding article.

# Step 4. Sign CDEK.Market Service Contract

After checking the data you provided, you’ll receive a CDEK.Market Service Contract, that you need to print and sign. Then send the scanned copy of the contract via the link in the letter or to the Aggregator by email sales@cdek.market.

The original contract with your signature need to be send to: ООО «СДЭК-СОЮЗ» – 344058, Rostov-na-Donu, 175/2 Stachki st.. You can also find the office address at the bottom of the CDEK.Market website.

After receiving a scanned copy of the contract from you, the goods added to your store will appear in the general catalog and customers will be able to purchase them on the CDEK.Market marketplace.