# CDEK.Market Plans

# General Information

CDEK.Market has two plans — Start and Basic. There are no hidden fees or commissions for selling on the marketplace, and we do not charge shipped orders for the first three months. CDEK.Market Plans

# Start Plan

Features and services available through the Start plan:

  • Publication of an unlimited number of products in a general catalog;
  • Your own micro-store based on CDEK.Market with a separate catalog for your products;
  • Automatic calculation of shipping costs;
  • Automatic creation of an accompanying waybill and tracking of its status;
  • Receiving payment for products without the need to purchase a cash register machine and transferring data to a fiscal data operator;


  • Subscription fee is ₽0 for the entire products placement period;
  • For the first 3 months, we do not charge for shipped orders, then, after switching to the Basic plan, we charge ₽25 for each shipped order;
  • 4% commission for each online payment.

Three months after registering as a seller, the plan will automatically switch to Basic. Its only difference from the Start plan is that for each shipped order a fee of ₽25 will be charged.

# F.A.Q.

1. How do you charge fees? The next day after the delivery service accepts products from the seller, he/she receives the amount of money paid by the customer. When transferring the money, the commission of the payment system and the CDEK.Market service fee are withheld.

2. Where to learn more about fees?

  • The Billing article contains a detailed description of fees and documents used for billing.
  • We also recommend to look through the following presentation. In this presentation you’ll find the general information about CDEK.Market.

3. From what moment are three months counted: after signing the contract or after registration? Three months are counted from the date when you register as a seller.