# How to Add Products

You can add and edit products in CDEK.Market without using import. Add a single product, several products at once, or clone already existing products. To learn more about product import, please refer to the following article.

# Add a Single Product

  1. To add a product, go to Products → Products in the administration panel of your store.

  2. On the product list, click the + button in the upper right part of the page. Product list

  3. For the product to appear on the storefront and be available for purchase, you need to fill in several required fields:

  • Name—the name of the product displayed on the storefront. Customers use it to look for your products.
  • Categories—the categories that the product will be assigned to. The product must have a terminal category, e. g. Electronics/Audio/Microphones and Accessories/Microphones, where Microphones is the terminal category. If a product has multiple categories, the first category on the list will be the main category for the product. To change the main category, just drag another category in its place.
  • Price—the product price in your store’s currency.
  • Select the status "Enabled", if you’re ready to start selling the product right away.
  1. You also need to upload at least one image for the product.
  2. Scroll down and enter the product quantity in the In stock field.
  3. Click the Create button. Product editing page

More properties will become available after you create a product. You’ll be able to edit the rest of the properties later at any time.

  1. Switch to the Shipping Properties tab and specify the product weight and package dimensions. These properties serve as a backup. If you do not have the weight and package dimensions specified either in the Shipping Properties or in the shipping method settings, you will not be able to calculate the shipping cost, and it will be impossible for customers to choose the CDEK shipping method. You can learn more about this from the Configuring Shipping Methods article. Shipping Properties tab
  2. Click Save. To view the product on the storefront, click the gear button in the upper right corner and click Preview. Product on the Storefront

# Add Multiple Products

  1. To add products, go to Products → Products in the administration panel of your store.
  2. On the product list page click the gear button and select Bulk product addition.
  3. Add the required number of products by clicking Add and Clone buttons.
  4. Fill in the available fields and click Create. Create button
  5. You need to specify weight and dimensions for new products and add images. Select products that you want to edit and click Edit selected.
  6. Choose properties Image pair, Weight, box height, length, and width. Click Modify selected. List of fields for editing
  7. On a new page fill in the fields, add images via the Upload button, and click Save.

This way you can edit already existing products.

Products editing page

# Clone a Product

In CDEK.Market you can clone already existing products.

  1. Select products that you want to clone, they will be highlighted in blue.
  2. Click Actions and then click Clone selected. Products to be cloned
  3. Cloned products will appear on a separate page with the status "Disabled". Now you can edit and enable them.

Cloning is also available from the product editing page. Click the gear button and then click Clone.