# Product Option Combinations

To easily track inventory, you can group option variants into option combinations. For example, t-shirts can be of different sizes and colours, using option combinations you can track quantity of white t-shirts of S-size or blue t-shirts of L-size.

Only options of Check box, Select box, or Radio group types that have Inventory enabled can become a part of the combination.

# Add Combinations

  1. In the administration panel, go to Products → Products.

  2. Click the name of the required product.

  3. (optional) On the General tab, select Track with options in the Inventory setting. Click Save. This way every product option combination will have its own quantity setting.

  4. Go to the Options tab and click Option combinations. A page will open with a list of all option combinations for this product. The Option combinations button only appears if a product has at least two options. Option combinations

  5. Click the + button in the upper right corner to add combinations manually.

  6. (optional) To automate the process and add all possible combinations at once, click the gear button and select Rebuild combinations. This action doesn't rewrite already existing combinations. Rebuild combinations

  7. In a new window, select option variants for new combinations. Use Add and Clone buttons to create more combinations. Createv combinations

  8. Click Create to create new combinations.

New options created for this product later won't be added to already existing combinations.

# Edit Combinations

After creating a combination, you cannot change its variants. But on the combinations list page you can edit:

  • CODE—a unique number of the combination.
  • QuantityTrack with options shall be selected.
  • Image.

Click Save after making changes. Edit combinations

# Delete Combinations

  • To delete one combination, place the cursor over the combination, click the gear button and click Delete.
  • To delete several combinations, tick combinations that you want to delete, click the gear button at the upper right corner, and click Delete selected. Delete combinations