# Product Options

When you create and edit a product, you can configure almost every aspect of it. In this article, we describe how to create and configure options. To learn more about product properties, please refer to the following article.

# Create and configure options

  1. In the seller's administration panel go to Products → Products.
  2. Open the product editing page and go to the Options tab.
  3. Click the Add option button and fill in the following fields in the new window:
  • Name—the name of the option displayed on the product page on the storefront.
  • Code—this name is used only to distibguish options with similar names from each other. The code is displayed only in the administration panel.
  • Position—the position of this option relative to other options in the list.
  • Inventory—if ticked, the option is taken into account when counting the product inventory.
  • Seller—filled in automatically by the system.
  • Type—the option type: Select box, Radio group, Check box, Text, Text area, File. Depending on the type, options may have additional properties.
  • Description—the option description displayed on the storefront when a customer hover the cursor over the name of the option.
  • Comment—the comment is displayed below the option.
  • Required—if you tick this box, the buyer will have to select this option or enter a value.
  • Missing variants handling—the setting handles the situations when some option variants are missing or disabled:
    • Show a message—the option appears on the storefront but marked as unavailable. If the option is required, the customer won't be able to add a product to cart.
    • Hide option completely—the option is hidden. If the option is required, the customer will be able to add a product to cart. Product option
  1. Go to the Variants tab to configure variants used in the option.
  • Position—the position of this variant in the general list.
  • Name—the name of the variant.
  • Modifier/Type—this setting is used to modify the price of the variant.
  • Weight modifier/Type—this setting is used to modify weight of the variant.
  • Status—enables or disables the variant.
  • Icon—the icon of the variant. Supported formats: JPEG, GIF, PNG. Variant settings
  1. Click Create.

Icons of option variants are displayed on product pages on the storefront. Icons of option variants