# Product Variations

Variations are similar products that differ from each other in one or several options and are part of a group. Variations are mode independent comparing to options and option combinations. For example, variations can have their own prices and images. So, the point of variations is:

  • to help customers to select options on the product page.
  • to display some variations (e.g. different colours) as separate positions in the catalog. This way, the customer will be able to see that the required colour is present in the store.
  • to hide some variations from the catalog (e.g. sizes). This way, the catalog won't contain lots of positions with identical images. Product variation on the storefront

# Terminology

  • Variation group—the group of similar products that differ from each other in one or several options.
  • Variation—a product that belongs to the variation group. A product can only belong to one variation group at a time, a group can be changed at any time. Delete a variation from the group to make it an ordinary product.
  • Position—a product slot in the catalog. This one is used to separate variations that have a slote in the catalog from variations that don't.

Every variation is a product but not every product is a variation. Use Advanced search on the product list to filter variations.

# Create Variations

  1. To add ne option required for variations, please contact us via help@cdek.market.

  2. Open the page of the product that you want to turn into a variation.

  3. Go to the Variations tab. Enter the variation group code in the Variation group field to add this product to the variation group. The group code must contain numbers, Latin letters, and -, _ symbols. Variations tab

  4. Click the Edit variation options button and select no more than two options. You'll be able to create more variations later using these options. Click Save. Edit variations options

  5. Click Add products to add other products to this group. Select products and click Add. Add products to variation group

  6. Specify selected options for product variations, and change the position in the list if necessary. Variations tab

# Manage Variations

When the group of variations is created, all products are displayed on the Variations tab of each product from this group. On this tab, you can:

  • check what variations have the position in the catalog, and what not. Variations that don't have their own positions have a smaller image in the catalog. Variations in the catalog

  • select the default variation to be displayed in the catalog.

  • remove a variation from the group. This doesn't delete a product but instead makes it a separate one.

  • delete a variation.

  • change the group code. The code is used to add other products to this group if necessary. The group code must contain numbers, Latin letters, and symbols "-", "_".

  • add more variations to this group.