# Additional Shipping Properties

# Shipping Charges Tab

If you want to adjust the cost or just make a discount for a certain shipping method, change the settings on the Shipping charges tab.

Since the shipping cost is calculated automatically on CDEK servers, we do not allow to increase the cost in order to prevent cheating, but you can always reduce the cost or make the delivery free of charge.

  1. In the seller’s administration panel, click the Administration tab and select Shipping and options → Shipping methods in the drop-down list.
  2. On the shipping methods page, click the method you want to edit. Next, move to the Shipping charges tab.
  3. Select the parameter that defines the discount: cost, weight, or weight. You can also set a discount for all three parameters.
  4. In the first column, specify the minimal value from which the discount will be applied.
  5. In the Rate column specify the amount of discount. Remember, the value must be negative, e.g. -5, -10, -50, etc.
  6. Then choose how the discount will be calculated— in integers or in percents.

You can also make the gradation more flexible by adding more values.

  1. An additional setting for weight and quantity allows to set the calculation of a discount per unit or for the entire order.
  2. After you finish editing the shipping cost, click the Save button. Shipping charges tab

# CDEK Delivery Options

The CDEK delivery options page contains extra options that you can provide to the customer on delivery. Currently there are three options available:

  • inspection of products on delivery;
  • trying on clothes at home;
  • partial delivery.

Place the cursor on the question mark to view the detailed information on the option. By default all options are enbled. CDEK Delivery Options

If some of the options are not specified in your CDEK delivery agreement, it is recommended to either disable them if you do not need them, or contact the manager of the CDEK logistics company and change the terms of the agreement so that these options are included in the delivery agreement. Otherwise, it may lead to errors in the order delivery.