# How to Configure Shipping Methods

Configuring the shipping method in CDEK.Market takes four steps:

  1. Acquire API keys.
  2. Add a shipping method.
  3. Configure a shipping method.
  4. Set up product weight and package dimensions.

You need to set up at least one shipping method, otherwise products won't appear on the storefront.

# Step 1. Acquire API keys

API keys are used to automatically calculate shipping costs and delivery dates.

  1. Sign a delivery service contract with CDEK courier service. The number of a delivery service contract has an ИМ prefix.

The delivery service contract should not be confused with the contract for information services concluded with CDEK.Market. The number of a contract for information services has an СМ prefix.

  1. Send an email to integrator@cdek.ru. In the subject, specify Request for providing API keys, in the body, specify the following information:
    • the number of a delivery service contract — ИМXXXXX;
    • email to which the keys will be sent.
  2. You’ll receive a letter with API keys to the specified email. Letter example

Received API keys need to be used in every shipping method you create.

# Step 2. Add a shipping method

  1. In the seller’s administration panel, click the Administration tab and select Shipping and options → Shipping methods in the drop-down list.
  2. Click the + button at the top of the page to add a new shipping method. You can also enable shipping methods that were added before.
  3. Tick the methods that you want to add and press Add shipping methods and close. New methods will appear in the list. Selecting shipping methods

# Step 3. Configure a shipping method

  1. Click the name of the shipping method to open the settings page.
  2. Enter API keys that you received in email.

To configure the shipping method use API keys for production environment.

  1. In the The number of days after which the planned dispatch of the order will be made field, specify the time that you need to ship the orders.

Failure to comply with the terms of product shipping as well as unreasonable cancellation of orders decreases the rating of the seller. CDEK.Market can impose penalties or block the seller.

  1. Select country, region and city where orders will be shipped from. It is not necessary to specify the postal code if you have already specified the city. Shipping method settings
  2. Indicate default weight and dimensions. These parameters replace the package dimensions and weight of the product, depending on the variant selected.
  3. Choose when these parameters should be applied using the Apply values settings:
    • To the whole order. Parameters are applied to the whole order regardless of its volume when using this shipping method.
    • Instead of product values. Parameters replace values of every product in the order.
    • If values are not specified in the product settings. Parameters are applied only to the products that doesn’t have their own weight and dimensions specified. Default product weight and package dimensions
  4. Click Save to finish the creation of the shipping method.
  5. Enable the new shipping method on the list page in the Status column.

The calculation of the shipping cost in CDEK.Market works automatically, therefore, when setting up the shipping method, the Shipping charges tab can be ignored.

# Step 4. Set up product weight and package dimensions

To avoid errors in the shipping cost calculation, every product in your store must have weight and dimensions specified.

  1. In the seller’s administration panel go to Products → Products. A page with a list of products will open.
  2. Click the product name. On the product editing page switch to the Shipping properties tab.
  3. Enter the values for product weight and package dimensions and click Save The product is ready for shipping. Default product weight and package dimensions To check whether the shipping method is configured properly, you can try to order something from your own store. If shipping methods are not configured correctly, then the only option available at checkout will be Ask a seller about the shipping cost.

# Calculation and payment for CDEK delivery services

  • CDEK.Market automates the process of calculating the cost of shipping and the creation of documents necessary for transferring products to the courier service and passing customs procedures.
  • When customers place orders, the order amount, in addition to the cost of products, includes the cost of shipping calculated based on the seller's shipping settings. The total cost of the order is paid by the buyers and is not subject to change. Therefore, it is necessary to correctly configure the delivery parameters.
  • Shipping cost is calculated based on the sender city specified in the shipping method settings. If the seller's warehouse and the CDEK warehouse in the seller's country are located in different cities, then the cost of products delivery to the CDEK warehouse is not taken into account when calculating the shipping cost. Possibilities for the delivery of products to the CDEK warehouse are discussed individually with the CDEK representative office in the seller's country.
  • The seller pays for shipping services independently on the basis of reports and invoices received from CDEK. The customer's money paid for delivery is not used to pay for CDEK services, but goes directly to the seller as a part of the order total.


Q: How does shipping work on CDEK.Market?
A: CDEK.Market is integrated with CDEK services. After the order is confirmed, an invoice is automatically created and is sent to the CDEK personal account. You take products to the nearest pick-up point where it is processed by a CDEK employee, who then sends it to the address indicated in the invoice.

Q: Who pays for the free shipping?
A: In case the Free shipping option is selected for the product, and the selected shipping method is also available for free shipping, the cost of delivery quals zero for the customer. This means that the seller doesn't receive payment for shipping expenses when receiving money for the order. The seller pays for CDEK delivery services from his/her pocket.

Q: Are products stored in the seller's / supplier's warehouse?
A: Yes, products are stored in the seller's / supplier's warehouse until they are ordered by a customer.

Q: If pick-up point delivery is selected, will delivery always be made to a specific warehouse or to different sites?
A: Orders are always delivered to pick-up points specified by customers. To ship orders, you can chose a pick-up point that suits you best.

Q: Is it possible to send orders via door-to-door delivery?
A: Unfortunately, door-to-door delivery is not available at CDEK.Market. All deliveries, except for store pick-up, are carried out from the CDEK warehouses.